How to Get Rid of Your Junk Car?

Many people own junk cars that don’t work anymore and want junk car removals services to get rid of them. The junk car lying in the backyard or at someplace is a waste of space, without serving any real purpose. If you are one of them, this article is for you, because here we are going to get into a detailed discussion regarding getting rid of the old car that you can’t use anymore. 

Some of the junk car removals can pay you a penny but we provide you the best money if you sell your old cars to us. So, just stick around to the bottom to get the best ways that suit you the most. Let’s dive.

4 Ways to Get Rid of Junk Cars

There are four effective methods to remove that junk from your backyard, which we have enlisted below.

Sell your old Cars

If your car is in decent condition, you can contact some car brokers and sell your old cars. This method only works when your car is in decent condition or you somehow own an antique car. Most of the time, people can bag lucrative deals, ending up selling at very high prices.

We recommend selling the parts of your car with a proper dismantling process. Many people are searching for spare parts of a car, like car headlights. It will be more profitable for you to sell individual parts of the car instead of selling the whole car. But if you want to sell your whole car, then you can contact car brokers (or you can search, for example, used car buyers in Auckland). 


Instead of keeping it in your backyard, you can recycle your car. It is the most environment-friendly way and can earn you some cash while you do some good by recycling. The best part is that no matter what condition your car is in, you can still recycle it without any problems.

There are many recycling organizations in different countries that can help you with it. You can do some research regarding recycling organizations near your area. These organizations will dispose of your vehicle in the best way possible, so you can consider this option for yourself.

You can also check out used car buyers Auckland here at CarsWreckers as we provide the best recycling services.

Trade it

If you want to sell your old car, we recommend you trade it. That means when you want to buy new ones and sell your old cars, you can give them to the company and enjoy some discount in return.

This way, you can get some discounts on your new vehicle, but make sure you are satisfied with the value you are getting while trading.

 If your car is not older than 7–10 years, then you may get a decent deal, but if your car is way too old, then it may not be worth it. You can check the value of your car and the exact model. If you are receiving less value than you expected, you should consider other options such as recycling or donating.

Consider Charity

If your junk is not getting accepted in both the above options, then charity is a great alternative. Moreover, it also serves your will to do some good for society. Many charities accept old cars, and you can donate your junk car.

If these options are not available in your area, you can also contact some of the local charities in your area. If you think that you are getting nothing in return, give it a second thought. Here you also get a tax reduction for your donations. Hence, you are not only donating your car but also getting some discount on your taxes. Moreover, pursuing the path of goodwill is way better if you guys decide not to sell your old cars but donate.


These are some of the most worthwhile options for junk car removals. Our suggestion is that if you are going to buy a new car, then you should inquire about the trading program from a car buying agency. Otherwise, sell that junk car to top used car buyers Auckland in the state.

If you already have a car or are not looking for a new car, then you should consider recycling or giving it away to charity. It depends on the value you are getting in both options. Because both of these are for a good cause, you are doing a nice job with either of them.

Finally, it all depends on the condition of your car. Either you search for used car buyers Auckland, or you donate it. You can enquire about all of these options on Google.


Q1. Can you trade a car with no engine?

Ans. Yes, many second-hand car dealers do accept cars with no engine, but the value of your car will be very low without an engine. The value of your car will drop by about 35%-45%, but yes, you can trade your vehicle without an engine.

Q2. What can I do with a car that isn’t worth fixing?

Ans. If your old car isn’t working now and you don’t want to fix it, there are various ways in which you can get rid of it.

The most well-known ways are:

  • Recycling
  • Sell your old cars
  • Donating to charity:
  • Trading

Check our full article for more details.

Q3. What documents do you need to scrap a car?

Ans. To scrap your old car in a scrap yard, you will need to provide identity proof like a passport or driving license, and also proof of ownership, car insurance policy, or any other paper, and residence proof. You will receive a certificate in return from the scrap yard. If you have all of these items, you can easily scrap your car at used car buyers Auckland.