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    As you have a lifespan, so do cars, and when your automobile begins to lose its functionality and charm, you tend to get worried and depressed. After all, a dismantled car is equal to a piece of garbage lying there at your premises, taking up significant space and blocking the view of your beautiful surroundings.
    But the good news is that your dismantled or junk piece of the vehicle is not junk. Wondering how? Cars Wreckers, New Zealand, is there to explain. We are the leading Used Car Buyers Auckland. The top Used Car Buyers Auckland assist you in selling your old or used car, leaving a handsome amount of cash in your pockets. We pay maximum cash for used cars or old cars you wish to throw away. But never commit this mistake. Your old car is gold to you if you join hands with us.
    Used Car Buyers Auckland accepts vehicles of any make or model, any brand or company. The condition is insignificant to us. All you need to do is relax and leave the hard work to Used Car Buyers Auckland when you associate with us. We provide everything from free towing to paying cash the same day. You can also Sell Your Old Car with us. Isn’t that great?


    Click and connect

    Click and connect: The very first step you need to associate with us or to Sell Your Old Car is visiting our professional and comprehensive website, and from there, you can give us a call, or you have option 2. You can fill an online form on the official website of Cars Wreckers. Our promising workers would connect with you providing you the trust and effective solution you need. Get a free consultation before you attempt to Sell Your Old Car.

    Step 01

    Receive cash

    After you call or connect with us, we come to your premises to study and investigate your vehicle condition. All other essential factors are considered to quote you the best price or value for your used or old junk car. We only offer you the highest cash for your car and nothing less than you deserve. Our USP is to deliver on the spot cash on the same day, i.e., within 24 hours.

    Step 02

    Tow away your car

    After the second step comes to the final step, i.e., towing away your junk car from your premises. We tow away your vehicle without charging any cost for that. We have appropriate vehicles to take away that junk piece of automobile that has been bothering you for a long time. We assist in Sell Your Old Car, thereby quoting the best amount of money you deserve.

    Step 03

    Car Wreckers Auckland

    We pay top cash for cars and offer a FREE car removal service

    Whenever you see your old car, there’s always a thought in your mind to sell it. On the contrary, you might have some questions like whom to sell, what price they are going to pay, how much paperwork is required. It is justified. Don’t just go to any random car wreckers. Come to us when in need because we understand the requirement of our clients and serve them in a better format. Our experience in cars wreckers has given us the confidence to guarantee the best services.

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    Our Services

    Be it any make or model, any condition or any year, we pay top cash for used and broken cars

    Cash For Cars

    We promise you the best amount of money for your used or dismantled vehicle. Our price quotation is 100% honest, fair, and transparent. We aim to deliver the best rate prevailing in the market in return for your used car.

    Car Removal

    Not only do we check the condition of the used car, but we also assist in removing the piece of junk from your premises in a responsible way. We have specialized vehicles to tow away your car without charging a single NZ dollar for the service.

    Car Wreckers

    We are a responsible team of car wreckers caring about your car as well as the environment. Our specialized crew is trained enough to deal with car wrecking service. We do not forget the environment in our approach & wreck your vehicle to benefit the environment in some way.

    Why Choose Us

    • As a trustworthy car removal company in Auckland, we understand our customers’ wants and demands.
    • We can be the most trustworthy and loyal solution partners for your problems with antique vehicles.
    • We aim to Buy Used Cars Auckland or Sell Your Old Car in Auckland and pay the most money for old, broken, and scrap cars.
    • We offer specialist vans for free junk car removal and other vehicle removals from your premises.
    • We have competent and courteous specialists who provide hassle-free service and serve our customers more efficiently.
    • Get in touch with us either call at 0800600502 or fill an online form and we will contact you.

    Why do our customers trust us?

    Cars Wreckers provides the greatest cash for scrap automobiles and other unwanted vehicles, as well as free auto removal throughout Auckland and the surrounding areas. Cars Wreckers’ dedicated team of specialists always strives to Buy Used Cars Auckland, no matter what the scenario is. After serving thousands of local consumers, we are delighted to introduce the most experienced, skilled, prompt, and dependable auto removal businesses in Auckland, New Zealand.

    We understand that many organizations out there deal in junk auto wreckers these days or who would Buy Used Cars Auckland; nevertheless, only a few hard employees can provide you with a great experience from start to finish. We believe ourselves to be one of them.

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